Hygiene visits

The key to a healthy smile is to maintain healthy gums. Gum disease is the biggest cause of tooth loss in adult patients. Everyday cleaning by tooth brushing is essential in removing plaque and tartar but getting to those difficult to reach areas requires specialist cleaning instruments. Bacteria thrives in plaque and tartar producing harmful chemicals that irritate gums causing them to become inflamed and bleed. This is a process known as gingivitis. If this is left untreated the surrounding bone can breakdown causing the teeth to become loose. Therefore regular removal of this bacteria in plaque and tartar is essential in maintaining healthy gums.

Hygiene treatments (scale and polish) will remove the hard tartar that cannot be removed by brushing. Stains caused from tea, coffee, wine, coloured foods and cigarette smoking will be removed by polishing. This process will keep teeth and gums healthy, breath fresher and teeth looking whiter.