Nervous patients and Intravenous sedation

We have treated many people over the years who have overcome their concerns because they have simply had one good experience after the other with us.

To ensure the experiences at Hollyhedge Dental are always good we apply a topical pre local anaesthetic gel to the gum. This means that the injection that follows does not feel painful but just feels like a little bit of pressure on the gum.

For people that need more than this gentle understanding approach, or for patients who are having surgical, long or difficult procedures, we provide an intravenous sedation service.

This is a technique to reduce your anxiety about dental treatment whilst keeping you conscious at all times. Although you're not technically asleep, you have little or no memory of the dental treatment, which means procedures can be performed more comfortably that you might have ever thought possible. We monitor our patients continuously during the treatment and recovery phases.

Prior to any treatment we would discuss the process fully with you and answer any questions that you have.