What our patients say…

Finding a dentist you trust is ever so important to a lot of people, you are putting so much trust in them looking after you and giving you treatment, I can honestly say I have found the one! I really wouldn’t want to see anyone else now. Somit and Wasima are both so friendly, the rest of the team are always so cheerful and they really couldn’t do any more for their patients and I always feel at ease whenever I go to the dentist now. It has totally changed my outlook, I almost look forward to going! Mainly for the chat but they do take such good care of me and I would really struggle to find a nicer dentist.


I have been to a couple of other practitioners and finally found the perfect place, I will never go to anyone else again, Summit makes me feel at ease, is incredibly knowledgable and the results are great. The whole team are lovely and I would never go anywhere else. They are discreet, professional and a great team.

Ms.K.W - Patient having had Facial Aesthetics Treatment

I am so pleased with the results of my recent Dental ‘Makeover’.  My overall experience with Somit and the Hollyhedge Team has been fantastic.  I had crowns on my front teeth for 15 years, which I wasn't happy with, and my gums often looked grey and inflamed.  Once these old crowns broke I visited Somit at Hollyhedge Dental.  He spent a huge amount of time listening to my concerns about my teeth and their appearance and together we made the right decisions for me.  I now have metal free crowns which was very important to me, and have taken Somit’s advice to lighten my teeth which has only highlighted how much healthier my teeth and gums now look.  I look back at old photos now and only wish I had met the team at Hollyhedge sooner!  Thank You!

Eleanor H.

When I first came to Somit I hadn't been to a dentist for over five years and my teeth needed a lot of work.  On my first visit Somit worked out a plan, told me what he would do, how many visits I would need and how much each treatment would cost so from day one I knew exactly where I stood.

Somit is a perfectionist and a true professional who on each visit told me what he would be doing and regularly checked to see if I was OK. 

Somit took several pictures and after each visit I could see for myself the progress being made. A number of weeks later I now have a lovely white smile instead of chipped and discoloured teeth with signs of decay.

I would like to thank Somit for all he has done and Lauren and Emma who are always helpful and sociable and would definitely recommend the practice to others.   

David A.

Somit Prasad is the most conscientious, thoughtful and considerate dentist I have ever had the good fortune to come across. Extremely professional and competent he provides a wonderful quality of care that makes a visit to the dentist a pleasurable experience.

Opting for Invisalign braces was the best decision I have ever made.  After about a week of getting used to the feel of the braces they were actually very easy to get along with and after just over a year of treatment my appearance has been transformed.

Thank-you Somit for your great work, I will be recommending your services to family and friends.

Caroline R

I love coming to see the Hollyhedge team for Botox, I completely trust them and the results are brilliant. I have had botox a couple of times before by GP friends and was cautious about trying somewhere new as I wanted the results to be subtle and natural and in the past it has been painful and the results haven’t been great- having found the Hollyhedge team I will never go elsewhere again! 

Mrs O - Patient having had Facial Aesthetics Treatment

Somit has managed something I thought impossible, restore my faith in dentists. I hadn't been to a dentist for over 10 years after very bad experiences but had to go due to an infection. With patience and care, he made me feel comfortable by explaining every step of the treatment while doing it. I now can say that I'm not afraid to go and see my dentist on a regular basis. Many thanks to you Somit!


I've been a patient of Somit's for around 5 years now and having tried quite a few before, I can honestly say I've never met a kinder, more gentle and easy-going dentist. Somit goes the extra mile to relax and get to know his patients, and always does a fantastic job on every bit of dental work. During treatments he even lets you pick from his CD collection (and as an added bonus he always sings along!). I suffer from bruxism (painful jaw grinding) and Somit was very helpful in suggesting new ideas to help the symptoms and always efficient in taking moulds and fitting night mouth guards. I recently had two wisdom teeth removed - this could have been a very scary process, but Somit was amazing in making sure I understood what was going to happen, and making the operation as painless as possible - thank you!! He even called me the next day (at the weekend!) to check I was ok and had had an ok night's sleep afterwards. I know Somit is excellent and very experienced with children patients as well as adults, and would recommend him to everyone.


I was nervous about changing my dentist especially as I was planning to have a lot of work done but I wasn't disappointed. Somit made me feel confident from day one. His energy and knowledge put me at ease and visiting the dentist wasn't a horrible experience anymore. The service I have received was personalised to suit my needs, professional and friendly. I would highly recommend Somit to any of my friends and family.


I highly recommend Somit Prasad; both in terms of dental expertise and patient care.  I was a fairly nervous dental patient before I met him, and used to dread going to the dentist but all that changed when I became a patient of Somit.  He has been fantastic with wisdom tooth extraction and also general check-ups and maintenance.  He has excellent patient after care too; calling me to check how I was following wisdom tooth extractions.  It's rare to find such a great dentist!

Sarah B

I had asked to be 'unconscious' and you explained that that was no longer legal. However, I confirm that the 'snooze and memory loss' happened, and that I did not experience any pain. There was a moment (and here I do not know the running order, so you will probably laugh!!) where I was aware of a loud-singing, circular, grinding and crunching. It was very close, but it was 'nothing to do with me'. A gentle and loving hand wiped my face. Gratefulness just welled up, and I wanted to say thank you. I know I turned my head, but the inner smile wasn't expressible, so that wasn't enough. So, I tried to say thank you with my hand. I suspect that's when, as you said on the phone, I 'detached' myself from the sedation line. I do apologise for that 'interruption' to your activities.

The next I was aware of was lots and lots of very fast little movements with a long thread and thinking 'oh that's long' and 'oh knotting' and 'phew that's fast'. I was also aware of some kind of a hook sliding in and out of the side of my mouth. But, still no pain. The next awareness was of a change of tool, and, with that rhythm change, the taste of that nicer-than-toothpaste-product which you use for polishing after cleaning.

Afterwards, I could not believe how fast I was 'with it' again. I expected to be very under par (if not dozing all day) for most of Friday / Saturday. That was not true! And when I came to rinse out my mouth after 6 hours as directed, it was so clean! There were no 'bits' from the extractions or the cleaning, and no blood and no bleeding. Amazing!

Apart from a little discomfort, there were only two things which surprised me: (i) two days after the extractions, on Saturday, my cheek was puffy and I could not speak easily and (ii) there was a large, colourful, but pain-free 'bruise' on my hand – which must have stemmed from when I 'detached' myself!!!

Susan P. - Patient having had IV sedation

Invisalign works. I had always been self-conscious about my crooked teeth, so I wanted an unobtrusive, discrete way to straighten them, so I chose Invisalign. Over the last few months I've had a lot of compliments on the condition of my teeth. I've had people comment on my "Hollywood Smile", and it really made me feel good about myself and gave me the confidence to smile. I'd thoroughly recommend Invisalign. It works, it's subtle and to this day only a handful of people know I ever wore retainers! Now that's something to smile about!

Mr M.W. - Patient having had Invisalign

Concerned by an ever-widening gap in my front top teeth, which was making me self-conscious about my smile, I decided to investigate Invisalign treatment. I'm so glad I did, this treatment has been really effective.

I felt at ease with Somit straightaway and he explained how it would work and took impressions. He always took care to make sure I was comfortable when doing any procedure. When the aligners came, I found them a little strange at first, but there was no pain or discomfort and I adapted to life with aligners really quite easily. I had to have seven attachments, these are needed to keep the aligners snug and Somit fitted these with skill, it was not an unpleasant process. He would regularly monitor progress over the weeks and it was satisfying to notice that changes were occurring with my teeth.  Very few people noticed that I was wearing aligners, they really are quite invisible.

When I was planning to attend a friend's wedding, Somit was so helpful, removing a particular attachment so nothing would show for this special event, he really "went the extra mile".

My bottom teeth, which were just a little crooked, were straightened out in about six months but the top ones, which had the large gap took ten months. Now I'm much happier with my smile and people have remarked on my nice teeth.

I would happily recommend Somit, he's an excellent dentist and the Invisalign treatment really works !

Mrs J.W. - Patient having had invisalign