First Dental Visit

Your first dental visit

When your child visits for the first time, we want to ensure they receive the best dental care possible. We will carry out a full initial oral assessment involving examination of the lips, tongue, teeth, jaws, bite, gums, soft and hard palate, and a full carry risk assessment. This is also checked at the beginning of every future dental and hygiene appointment.

Your child’s first visit to our dentist in Cobham

The complete dental assessment allows us to assess your child’s oral health and identify changes such as tooth decay, oral conditions, gum health, tooth loss/eruption, abscess or trauma. Additionally, we will take intraoral X-rays if needed.

Creating a fun and positive dental experience

We want kids to look forward to going to the dentist because it should be a fun place to learn about the value of having healthy teeth as they grow and develop as a child.

The first appointment also includes an oral hygiene scale and polish with one of our qualified hygienists. We will polish their teeth and eliminate stains, plaque, or calculus. In addition, our hygienist will also provide advice on oral health and may demonstrate to your child how to clean their teeth properly at home, such as flossing. If your child is under three years of age, then a complete oral hygiene procedure is not necessary at this stage.

After the initial check-up

The results from the examination will determine whether your child will benefit from dental treatment or not. Our team can then advise you of the most appropriate and suitable treatment route for your child. We will give you tips and guidance regarding prevention through oral hygiene routines, diet advice and applicable recalls for check-ups and cleans.

Important Information for parents and guardians

At Hollyhedge Dental we welcome parents and guardians to accompany their children during all appointments if possible. If not, then we recommend the initial appointment is attended as parental participation is imperative; not only do we require you to provide essential information about your child’s medical and dental history, but we also wish to ensure that all of your queries and questions are answered too. It is also important for us to explain the effective methods we use to accompany treatment where required.
Our main focus is to make parents, guardians and children feel very welcome and relaxed during visits. We strive to create a fun atmosphere where kids can learn the importance of healthy teeth and dentistry as they transition into adulthood. Accompanying your child to their dental visits can give them a sense of comfort especially if they’re feeling anxious. Participation and a positive attitude from parents can sometimes show the child to relate dental visits with a positive experience.

“It is a common rule of law and ethics that all dental team members who are delivering treatment should have consent before beginning a procedure”

Consent is super important when visiting the dentist, this ensures that the information given to you was explained clearly, where you understand the benefits of the treatment offered as well as any potential side effects.

It is our duty as a paediatric dental clinic to ensure the following;

  • The patient receives sufficient information on the advantages and disadvantages of all acceptable treatment alternatives (including none at all).
  • Patient enquiries should receive honest and thorough responses.
  • At each appointment and during each course of treatment, we must confirm that the patient still comprehends the risks and advantages of the procedure to be carried out.
  • Confirm the patient is aware of the price of any suggested treatments.
  • Keep record of all discussions with the patient regarding the advantages and disadvantages of various alternatives.

The majority of consent obtained is from the legal parent and/or guardian rather than the child who would be the patient. When a child is under a certain age, consent must be obtained as such. If the child is above a certain age then they can consent to their own treatment.

Sometimes parents/guardians are referred to us by another clinic, which means that the children may have recently seen a dentist and had a dental examination. However, it is our duty of care to provide a full dental assessment at Hollyhedge Dental before recommending or performing any treatment. The assessment will allow us to ensure we provide the best possible treatment recommendation. In addition to this, we will get to know the child and their cooperation level to identify the best method to support the treatment.

Please feel free to talk to our dentist about any queries and worries you may have. Please keep in mind that your feelings towards dental visits may differ greatly from that of your child.Be mindful not to associate any dental worries you may have with your child. By maintaining good composure in the dental examination room, parents can provide great moral support.If you have any questions for our health care professionals, bring these with you to your child’s initial dental visit